Marketing and Sales Internship at Leading EdTech Company

Marketing Internship

About the Host Organisation

This EdTech Social Enterprise based in Mumbai, India, is a cultural exchange platform enabling international travellers to visit local school classrooms and have eye-opening conversations with young students and children.

Their key focus is on building a new generation that is more compassionate towards personal, social and cultural differences. They believe that education systems across the world will embrace the idea of ‘Travellers in Classrooms’ as a compelling teaching tool and as a testament to the power of dialogue in bridging two worlds.

The organisation has 20 full-time employees who come from diverse backgrounds and cultures, thus bringing multiple perspectives to the way in which they work. The founders have delivered multiple Ted Talks that have gained traction all over the world.


About the Internship

You will be a part of a vibrant and fast growing start-up, actively contributing in all aspects of the organisation, particularly in the areas of marketing, operations and direct session delivery.

You will be encouraged to take part in delivering sessions in schools to better understand the intricacies and reach of the EdTech’s product.

During the internship period, you will work closely with the organisation’s co-founders and Marketing department to ideate and execute goals under the following areas:

Business Development

  • Coordination with brand partners to ensure that the business vision is met
  • Connecting with and maintaining relationships with strategic partners
  • Direct involvement in new product development

 Marketing Strategy

  • Development of marketing strategies that help connect with and attract target audiences (eg: local city expat groups, business travellers, backpacker, etc)
  • Working closely with the PR team to ensure that the organisations visibility in the travel and education world is vibrant
  • Overseeing the execution process of all physical and digital marketing material (eg: posters, flyers, social media marketing elements, etc)


  • Creating and editing strong and engaging communication for reaching out to organisations for the purpose of partnerships
  • Writing articles for various blogs, posts and marketing content

What We Are Looking For

For this internship, we are looking for students or graduates who must meet the following requirements:

  • Confident working with people from diverse backgrounds
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Excellent interpersonal skill
  • Keen interest in bringing innovation into the Education sector
  • Strong professional etiquette
  • Enthusiasm, energy and passion for learning
  • Ability to work independently under pressure
  • Positive, can-do attitude
  • Willingness to ‘muck in’ and support the team in activities outside of your job description
  • Excellent organisational skills and attention to detail

What You Will Gain

By undertaking the Marketing & Sales Internship with the EdTech start-up, you will gain the following:

  • An insider’s view to the workings of a growing start-up company
  • Insight into India’s Education and Travel industry
  • Hands-on association and experience with people from all walks of life
  • Experience in living and working in a remarkably diverse culture
  • You will walk away as a qualified Youth Peace Ambassadors and will receive a certification at the end of your internship

Your Internship Location


Mumbai is a thriving Indian metropolis, and one of the largest cities in the world. You’ll find people from across India and the world living traditionally Indian lifestyles and incredibly western ones too! Mumbai is a mix of old and new and shows a beautiful glimpse into life in India.

Why India?

Interning with Pave allows you to participate in one of the fastest growing and most dynamic economies in the world, India! India is the second most populous country, the world’s largest democracy and a rapidly emerging economy primed for even further growth. Immense opportunity for professional development awaits you as companies seek to expand into new markets, strengthen their communications strategies and scale their businesses.

Vacancies Available 5

Internship Code MK037

Last day for Application Submission 31 January 2020


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