Editorial Internship at Narrative Journalism Magazine

Editorial Internship

About the Host Organisation

This is India’s first narrative journalism magazine. It offers an insightful and rich coverage of India and its complexities through a unique mix of detailed reporting, lively and vivid writing, and a commitment to the art of storytelling across subjects such as politics, culture, travel and art.

The monthly magazine focuses on showcasing artfully constructed stories whose content go far beyond the coverage of daily television news and conventional newspapers. The organisation carries out months of reporting and research to deliver stories that are crafted into dramatic narratives that employ pace, colour, character and style to keep the reader hooked from start to finish—combining the excitement and immediacy of great literature with real characters, real plots and real consequences.

Over the years, the magazine has won numerous awards and has earned a reputation as one of India’s most sophisticated publications with some of the finest writers. The work culture here is welcoming and supportive and there are over 30 staff.

About the Internship

Interns will be incorporated into the magazine’s editorial process while learning about how the magazine is marketed and publicised. Primary responsibilities will include researching and transcribing material for upcoming stories, fact checking, proofreading, photo archiving and editing online content. Additional responsibilities may include assisting the publicity, marketing and promotional departments of the magazine’s parent company which is the leading magazine publisher of India. Interns will also be trained in how to file a Right to Information Act application and will have an opportunity to write for the magazine.

What We Are Looking For

For this internship, we are looking for a student or graduate who must meet the following requirements:

  •  Interest in journalism and publishing
  • Clear writing skills
  • Strong research skills
  • Diligence
  • Good team work skills
  • Independent worker who is self-accountable, self-motivated and self-driven

Additionally, the following is desirable though not essential:

  • Previous experience in journalism and publishing

What You Will Gain

During your internship here, you will gain an in-depth and highly practical understanding of a magazine’s editorial process and learn how to be a better editor yourself. You will learn the overall structure of a magazine and how it is run and walk away having developed relevant journalism skills such as research, filing a right to information application, photo archiving, writing, editing and marketing. These key skills, coupled with the opportunity to write for a reputed magazine will help you better understand this dynamic industry and put you in good stead for a successful career in journalism and publishing.

You will work with and learn from experienced, passionate, inspirational people from a diverse set of backgrounds. Above all you will be a part of an experienced, motivated team who are more than happy to support you in all aspects while living and interning in New Delhi.

Your Internship Location

Google Map of New Delhi

is India’s capital city and the home of executive, legislative, and judiciary branches of the Government of India. It is a bustling metropolis that has an amazing mix of modernisation and carefully preserved antiquity. Beautiful Victorian architecture dating back to when the city was the capital of the British Raj now intermingles with the city’s swanky high rise buildings, multiplexes and hotels. There certainly isn’t a shortage of things to see and do with gorgeous gardens, Mughal tombs, forts, amusement parks, malls and monuments to explore outside of your internship.

Why India?

Interning with Pave allows you to participate in one of the fastest growing and most dynamic economies in the world, India! India is the second most populous country, the world’s largest democracy and a rapidly emerging economy primed for even further growth. Immense opportunity for professional development awaits you as companies seek to expand into new markets, strengthen their communications strategies and scale their businesses.

Vacancies Available 2

Internship Code JM00102

Last day for Application Submission 30 June 2018


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