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Paving the way for potential

Providing students and graduates with value adding internships in India that globally engage and mould them both personally and professionally.

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All About Pave

Find out about Pave and what possibilities lie ahead for you.

About Us

Our focus is to enable enthusiastic students and graduates to intern in India. Our team is passionate about what we do and why we do it.

The Internship Package

Our all-inclusive package ensures that you are well prepared for departure and helps you settle into your internship and life in India.

Explore Current Internships

We offer internships all year round with reputable companies in a wide range of sectors across India.

  • Internship Locations Across India

    Pave internships are located in vibrant, cosmopolitan cities across India including, Bangalore, Mumbai and Pune. Interning in these cities offers the perfect mix of gaining valuable experience from industry leaders and engaging in the rich, authentic culture that India is renowned for.

    Explore our current internships across various locations in India.

  • Develop your competitive edge in India

    Considered as one of the BRIC countries, it is evident India's potential is characterised by the growing dynamism and strength of its economy. By 2035, India is predicted to be the third largest economy of the world. These attributes make it an ideal place to intern, giving young people the opportunity to globally engage, take on challenges and develop a skillset that is highly transferable to future employment.

    Find out more about why a Pave internship in India can help you reach your potential.

  • Discover India

    India is home to 6 religions, 22 official languages, an array of classical art forms, an immense variety of food and astonishing historical sights, making it one of the most diverse and multicultural countries in the world. An internship in India allows young adults to personally grow and build memorable experiences by immersing themselves in new environments, meeting a diverse range of people and engaging in new activities.

    Discover more about what you can get up to on a Pave internship in India.

  • The Path to Achieving Your Potential


    Select an internship from our current listing


    Submit the online application form


    Sit the competency based telephone interview


    If successful, receive an offer for your internship and secure with deposit

  • What's Included

    To keep things hassle free for you all Pave internships are inclusive of:

    • 1 Internship Placement
    • 2 Accommodation
    • 3 Travel and Visa Support
    • 4 Insurance
    • 5 24/7 Safety, Security and Support from our in-country staff
    • 6 Arrival & Induction
    • 7 Commute
    • 8 Social & Cultural Events
    • 9 Alumni Community
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